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Disclaimer: is provided as a free pet care resource and is not intended to replace veterinary care, advice or treatment.  Your first resource should always be your veterinarian. 

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Pet Rating System:  1= Lowest   5 = Highest

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Our Rating - We have given the parakeet/budgie a very good pet rating of 4 stars.  This is because they are very easy to care for, inexpensive, and make a great beginner bird.  Once socialized, most parakeets have a very cheerful and fun personality.  They are easily trained to do tricks and have the ability to talk.  The lifespan of a parakeet is around 12-15 years.  These birds make a great first pet for children learning the responsibility of caring for a pet.  Visit our bird care sheet for help on how to care for your new budgie friend.

Parakeets are one of the most popular pet birds!  This is due to their striking coloring, cheerful nature, small size, and because they are the least expensive of all exotic birds.  Originally from Australia, the parakeet in the wild flies in huge flocks and family groups consisting of thousands of members.   This makes them very social birds and you will quickly become part of their flock.   

These birds have lots of personality.   Parakeets are easily tamed and trained, love to chatter,  can learn to talk, are not loud or noisy like their larger cousins, and come in a variety of beautiful colors.  They are a great beginner bird because of their ease of care and personality.  

The most common colors for Parakeets are green, yellow and blue.  Parakeets have many new mutations on the market which can make the price go from a normal range of $10 up to $30.

In the wild, Parakeets are social creatures and this is why they love attention.  This is also why these birds are capable of a strong bond.  If you would like your bird to bond to you, it is recommended that you do not keep two birds in the same cage.  Also we do not recommend keeping a mirror.  If kept with a mirror or other bird, your parakeet will not bond with you.  The lifespan of a Parakeet can range from 15 - 20 years making them, in some cases, lifelong family members.  

Differentiating between the sexes can be fairly easy because as a male matures, his nostrils will become distinctly blue and he may even have a blue tint to his legs.  The mature female will have pink of flesh colored nostrils and pale pink legs.  As youngsters, they will look very similar, only as they mature do the differences show up.

Parakeets are not considered great talkers but can learn several words well.  They do love to chatter though!  

Danger:  Ceiling fans, other pets, kitchen areas, toilets, etc.  Keep your bird's wings clipped to prevent escape.  

Health:  The common health problems with parakeets are mites and upper respiratory infections.   

Please see our Bird Care Sheet for more information on how to care for a Parakeet








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